Casper Reiff

The mind of Casper Reiff

No, this is not about the 90s track by Psykosonik, this is about the purpose of this website.

Welcome to my mind!

I thought it to be best practice to make my first post on this new website into a heart warming welcome post. So here you go! Read to find out who I am and why I made this site - and also why the site is so damn simple!

What kind of person am I?

Well, first things first, I'm educated graphic designer and working as a web developer downtown Århus in Denmark. As I'm living my day to day life with my nine-to-five job I'm also taking evening classes as a web developer at Business Academy Århus (AP degree IT web)

You may think, that this takes up a lot of my time - but this is just my professional life. In my off time I spend my life with the most wonderfull woman eyes have ever laid on, whom I chose to marry (and she chose back, I suppose). We have a small town house where we snooze around petting our huge dog and our tiny cat.

I take a big interest in technology, philosophy, litterature and many other things.

So... what's the purpose of this website?

I am a very thoughfull person, with a lot of interests - which leads to a lot of thoughts and a natural need of sharing them with like minded.

I'd like to show you some of my development projects and some of my designs, and I'd like to share with you some of my thoughts and ideas.

Why is the site so damn simple!?

I've had a lot of website through the years and I've made even many more website than I've had. I've grown so sick of useless content and content not relevant to the key content of each web page.

So I thought to myself...

What can I do, to make the simplest and lightes website ever?

...Well first of all, get rid of all the useless content!

And so I made a list

I made a chart of all the types of content I really wanted to publish, and then I went into a design phase - thinking "mobile first" of course.

With very little content and a very large canvas, I actually founs it challenging to make things look good. I didn't want unnessecary colors or meaningless images and I didn't want a lot of buttons or sections. Just tekst and elements nessecary to understand and navigate my site.

Also I thought, I need no navigation - noone ever enters this site to surf, they stumble upon articles on social media. No, I only need an index of articles and a big button in the bottom of my articles leading to that index.

Next up, what CMS should I use

At first I wanted to go WordPress (obviously), but then I stopped and thought for a while...

I'm a web developer. I don't have a lot of content. Why would I need a CMS?

...and so I decided not to use a CMS to make this website.

What!? This is pure HTML?!

No... I'm a web developer... Of course it's not!

It's a custom made PHP routing engine with no database and content written directly in HTML.

Pft! That's so 90's

Yeah I know. Almost every website on the internet today is made in some CMS. Most of them WordPress. Noone ever stops and thinks about, whether their project really needs a CMS.

I've thought about this a lot when doing client websites as well. I've had many small business clients ordering a display website containing few explaining texts about their business and their contact information. They barrely ever updated the content on their sites - and when they do, they call me and pay me to do it. They might as well have a website with no CMS, really.


Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again!
Yours sincerely,
Casper Reiff